Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newborn pictures..

Landon had his first photo shoot! He did AWeSOme... here is just a few of my favorites. We attempted to get some of Stella and Landon together but Stella wanted nothing to do with it! It turned into a huge screaming fit. I was very sad that we weren't able to get any.. but pick your battles.



 The other day Dale was delivering the mail and saw a little girl bike with a sign that said for FREE...Dale didn't hesitate and put it in the mail truck and brought it home. We had scored BIG! (We had been toying with the idea of getting Stella one but thought she was maybe a little to small still.) Stella face was priceless when he was getting it out of the trunk. She kept saying "bike- bike" and jumping up and down. Stella little grin is priceless!

She loves anything to do with a bike right now! Dale has been training for his race and I think she is trying to be like her dad. We spend most of our day outside.. it's the first thing she asks to do in the morning...
" Outside bike mom."

I woke from a nap ( I know what a good mom I am sleeping while my daughter is awake) to hear Stella screaming, I ran into our room to find that she had gotten into Dales biking stuff. She was mad cause she couldn't get the helmet unbuckled.

3 Little Buddies

James (2months) , Tate (5weeks) & Landon (3weeks) 

I really wanted to get a picture of these 3 kiddo's... They where ALL born with in 2 months of each other.
It will be fun to see these three grow up together, before we know it they will be running around... Wish we could freeze time!

NAp Time

 The other day I went to "attempt" nap time with Stella, we did the routine.. read some books and sing some songs. We got done and she said "Mom, baby"... so, I gathered all her babies and put them in bed with her. Stella looked at me and said " NO BABY!" It took me a few minutes to catch on to what she was meaning. She wanted baby Landon in her bed with her. This has been the first time she has wanted to have him be around her... I was so excited!! I ran to get him and did as she asked. I couldn't resist taking a snap shot of them together. Stella has been a great help and love that everyday is getting better with the adjustment of having to share mom all the time. She is such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Potty Training.. ALreaDy??

(Don't mind the hair... Stella thinks that she needs
to do it like this on a regular basis lately)

For about a month now I have a little friend that thinks she needs to visit the bathroom with me. She will watch me potty and then intently watch me get the toilet paper and wipe. She has started thinking she needs to join this little adventure along with me. At first she would sit on the scale in the bathroom and act like that was her toilet and have her toilet paper in hand and stand up and wipe her bum.. then we went to her wanting to start throwing it in the toilet and needing to flush it and wave bye-bye! Well, now we have taken it a step further and she is actually wanting to sit on the toilet and do her duty in the BIG girl potty!!! It's not an all the time thing which I'm ok with right now. I'm just trying to make it a fun thing for her... but I'm an soo excited! I feel like I need her to talk more before we start this completely. She cracks me up!

She is my little coppy cat right now. Whatever mom does she does. The morning routine take double the time by the time we get things done but I love it! We have some good laughs.. We brush our teeth, do our hair ( which she has to do..wet her hair and comb it) make-up..YEs, i said makeup and then put on our pretty jewels. (thanks to grandma ellis & aunt Alyse).. We are ready for the day!


I decided the other day that the only way to make it through the winter months without is to come up with an activity or two for Stella and I to do through out the day. Sometimes before I started doing this I felt like Stella was getting super bored of me and that we needed to make some adjustments...
I found this website '101 things to do with your kids' it has been a great help for idea's. Here is just a few of the things that we have been doing...

She loves to carry this clip board around and draw... We try to draw or color a picture everyday. I think I'm finding myself enjoying coloring a little more too!

What would we do with out play doh.

I took Stella to the store let her pick out a mix and frosting. She got more into this then I thought.. she would she loved putting the cupcake liners in the pan it turned into a fun game
for her.

We are working on some fun Valentine things, more to come soon!

BYE- BYE beloved Binky

So, the other day we dropped off Stella to grandma Ellis' house and we forgot the beloved BINKY! I just happened to call mom at lunch and she said "So, did you forget to tell me that you took something away from Stella?" I was very confused and said "NO".. she said well I have no binky heart stopped Stella loves this thing way to much and felt terrible that I was putting my mom through HELL! My mom said they were going to make it through the day. I called Dale and we both decided that this was the week that we were going to finally do it! This has not been an easy task at all.. first night she cried way to LONG, nothing we did would make her stop. We were both ready to give in... but just as we about did she STOpped!

(Can you find Stella?? I kinda got nervous for a second but then spotted her. Half of her body is crawled under the bed... I'm assuming that she was trying to find the Binky cause sometimes it drops down under the bed.)

I had to take a snap shot of this! I went to check on Stella and this is what I found, bed tore apart and no Stella in bed... I hope the nights to come will be better I feel very sad about doing this to her, it's the first thing that she hasn't lost interest in and has been the toughest thing yet! Dale said" For sure the next one isn't having a Binky... I cannot do this again!" I totally agree, but I guess we will see:)